Popular Management Books

Popular Management Books

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The growing interest in management knowledge has generated an enormous literature and brought great success for a number of management gurus. This book is a timely and radical critique of the quick-fix solutions offered by popular management books. Features include: *Detailed criticism of the ideological hegemony of North American managerial discourse *An interrogation of books by leading populist management gurus such as Tom Peters, Richard Normann and Robert Waterman *An institutional approach to the creation, diffusion and consumption of management knowledge *The implications for organisations of acting on popular managerial discourse Popular Management Books is a much needed corrective to the under-researched truisms of many management books.The man talked about his first impressions of McDonalda#39;s and gave the following comment (xixa€“xxii): You know, one of the things that strikes me most about McDonalda#39;s is their people orientation. During the seven years I was at McKinsey, anbsp;...

Title:Popular Management Books
Author:Staffan Furusten
Publisher:Routledge - 2005-08-10


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