Pop Your Paradigm!

Pop Your Paradigm!

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POP YOUR PARADIGM! is a wonderful, powerful story of triumph, but not of one person over another. No, this is a story of one woman's triumph over the most powerfully controlling thing evera€”her subconscious programming, her paradigma€”that voice inside her mind that had her convinced that she was weak and worthless and that she deserved to be abused.Are you unhappy with your life the way it is? Or are you satisfied (complacent) with your life, but you know you're capable of more? Is there something you've always wanted to do, but you never thought you could? Do you feel stuck? Are you living the same life day in and day out? The same year over and over? Do you feel as if the world is against you, or that you are not meant to be happy? Do you feel as if there's more a€œproblema€ in your life than a€œpossibility?a€ If any of this (or anything along these lines) feels like it applies to you, and if you're looking for a way to shift or expand your life, then POP YOUR PARADIGM! can serve as a great example for you, not only of how it's done, but that it CAN be done! What you will find in POP YOUR PARADIGM! is proof that when you believe in a€œpossibility, a€ ANYTHING is possible!She assured me that it would, and so I went ahead and switched to an Arizona number. It was quick and painless. I had always appreciated Verizon Wireless for their wonderful customer service and how on top of things they are whenever Ianbsp;...

Title:Pop Your Paradigm!
Author:Sandra Anne Daly
Publisher:Inkwell Productions - 2009-10


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