Polarized Positron 2011

Polarized Positron 2011

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This volume is a collection of the contributions to the 6th Annual Workshop on Polarized Positron in China. It provides an important updated to couple Linear Collider (ILC+CLIC) aimed polarized positron source RaD efforts to more general polarized positron related community with the aim of advancing polarized positron studies through exchanges and collaborations. The topics covered include: positron beams for linear colliders, but not limited to it, with the main items listed below: Polarized gamma ray generation High degree Polarized positron generation from compton scattering both ring and linac based High degree polarized positron generation from undulator radiation Stacking and accumulation of the polarized beam from compton regime Polarized beam transport, control and acceleration Channelling radiation and applications Physics applications of polarized positrons Various high intensity positron sources (include conventional) For other future colliders (SuperB for example) Positron generation target issues Physics applications of high quality X-rays and gamma rays Polarimetry at the e+ source The positron capture section and the photon collimation Review the activities of the qILC CLIC e+ generationq working group for all schemes Status of the CDR for CLIC and TDR for ILC Polarized electron sourcesProceedings of the 6th Annual Workshop : Beijing, China : 28-30 August 2011 Wei Gai ... Tyields in bunch by bunch basis for the Laser Compton experiment at the KEK ATP which is capable to separate a#39;Y rays in 5.6mspaeing multi-banch operation of the KEK ATP. ... YFnnahashi, Y.Honda, a#39;Ta#39;Dmori, TOkugi, H.Shi.mi.zu .

Title:Polarized Positron 2011
Author:Wei Gai
Publisher:World Scientific - 2012-10-05


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