Poetry from the Heart

Poetry from the Heart

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This book contains over twenty-eight different types of poetry, with explanations and examples of each type. Many of my poems are romantic, such as a€œMy Beloved, a€ a€œOde to Melissa, a€ a€œTo Love a Woman, a€ a€œMy Hearta€™s Desire, a€ a€œLove, a€ and a€œMy Love.a€ While others are inspirational, like a€œForgiveness, a€ a€œHope, a€ a€œThe Seven Virtues, a€ a€œEmpathy, a€ and a€œKindness.a€ Still others are philosophical in nature, such as my poems a€œLiving, a€ a€œTrue Freedom, a€ a€œWho Knows What Tomorrow Brings, a€ and a€œThe State of the Economy.a€ My kyrielle poem a€œLifea€ could be said to be both inspirational and philosophical. Some of my poems are educational, like a€œThe Benefits of Reading, a€ which extols the virtues of reading, and a€œTo Be Young Again, a€ which talks about nutrition and exercise. Some are family-oriented poems, such as my poem a€œLittle Bit, a€ which I wrote for my niece Kristin, or a€œCamping with Younger Brother, a€ which I wrote for my brother Craig, or a€œLittle Child, a€ which I wrote for all the little ones in the world. Other poems are devoted to naturea€”like my a€œFroggy, a€ a€œTurtle, a€ a€œTornado, a€ and a€œMother Naturea€ poemsa€”or to mankind in general, such as a€œEarth on Which We Livea€ and a€œTrue Happiness.a€ And others were written with some fun in mind, like the poem a€œNudea€ I wrote in response to an online contest to rhyme the last word in each line with the word nude. (a€œBirthday Lessona€ is another fun poem like this.) I also did a series of seven poems on each of a€œthe seven deadly sins, a€ where I used archaic language to spoof each of these a€œsins, a€ which unfortunately often plague mankind. I truly hope you will enjoy reading the poems contained in this book.This book contains over twenty-eight different types of poetry, with explanations and examples of each type.

Title:Poetry from the Heart
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-12-13


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