Poems Sublime and Ridiculous

Poems Sublime and Ridiculous

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The people of Scerone gathered in the Ring of Challenge. They had come to witness the passing of their beloved Amulet from one Guardian to the next, as well as the fulfilling of the ancient prophecy that would unite the two great powers of their land. But instead, betrayal and subterfuge plunged their world into chaos. The Amulet, (a powerful talisman that holds most of their world's magic) is sentenced to fifty years of silence, and worse, helplessness. The talisman is secreted away, hidden from the treacherous Queen whose one desire is to claim its powers as her own. For fifty years the power of the Amulet is trapped within the golden walls of its domain, waiting for the time when it can summon the next young woman who will serve as Guardian and wield its power. Jessica Spencer cannot explain the recurring dream that beckons to her. Every morning the message of the dream is lost leaving her with an aching desire to fulfill a fate she cannot even remember. Fifty years later, they gather once again in the Ring of Challenge, hoping to see an end to the reign of terror that began with the silencing of the Amulet half a century ago. The High Queen, who desires nothing more than to weild the power herself, the fair-haired child who is slowly realizing the fate her dreams have only hinted at, their Protector and Champion come together in the Ring of Challenge to once again decide the destiny of the Scerone. Fair-haired child full of graceThey dealt with awe-inspiring subjects like spaghetti on the chandeliers, underground manuals for preachersa#39; wives, and kids who answered the parsonage phone with, aquot;City Morgueaquot;. She had once given me some books. I gave her someanbsp;...

Title:Poems Sublime and Ridiculous
Author:Lois Kempton
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2009-01-01


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