Pocket PC Handbook

Pocket PC Handbook

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Pocket PCs are the hottest tool for people on the go, and Pocket PC Handbook will help you get up and running faster with its many illustrated tips and tricks. This book will guides you through the many functions and features of the most popular brands of pocket PC's (Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, Casio, and Microsoft's Pocket PC). Palm is not the only manufacturer of handheld devices! Pocket PCs are not just for keeping track of your contacts anymore. Pocket PC Handbook shows you how to track meetings and e-mail, create and edit standard Word documents, listen to MP3 files, download electronic books, expand the PC's capabilities with add-ons, and explore the other productive and entertaining features. Pocket PCs are also on the cutting edge of wireless technology, and this book keep you current and in touch with this fast-paced industry.\Windows\Demo\ a€” This folder contains the HP Jornada Pocket PC feature demonstration. ... If you are still desperately in need of some extra memory, you can delete these files to regain nominal memory: a€c \My DocumentsX Welcome to Windows Media a€” The default music file that is ... The HP Jornada, for example, supports the popular CompactFlash memory standard, which is available wherever laptop ... Reset the device (by pressing the stylus into the recessed hole in the back ofanbsp;...

Title:Pocket PC Handbook
Author:Dan Hanttula
Publisher:Wiley - 2001-03-01


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