Play Piano in 1 Hour and Play Sheet Music Chords

Play Piano in 1 Hour and Play Sheet Music Chords

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You don't need all fingers to play. On the internet, see qgirl/woman without fingers plays piano beautifullyq. She is walkiing left hand bass while playing separate right hand notes (instead of right hand chords). I show the complete package. Play the 135 chord, 1357 chord, and 3579 chord in the 7 degrees of your key. Include the flat 7 chord and learn to take half steps. It's that easy. With this book, you can learn if you only have one good arm with two or three fingers attached and a prosthesis on the other, one ear missing and the remaining ear has some hearing lost. My techniques are truly amazing. Piano is played by numbers, not alphabets. Based on my scientific research, beginners and intermediate players just want to know, qwhat are people doing when they playq. I give you this and more. Techniques are included for those who wish to play advanced chord progressions in Rock a Roll, R a B, Blues, Jazz, Contemporary Gospel, Country, and other music genres. Techniques include left hand progressions, inversions, tritone substitutions, suspended chords, passing chords, half steps, dominant 7 chords, improvising with pentatonic and blues scales, arpeggios, II - V - I progressions, secondary 2 - 5 - 1 progressions, modulation, re-harmonization, altered chords, slash chords, straddled chords, jazz modal play, diminished and augmented chords. Advanced 7, 9, 11, and 13 chords are shown. I explain how to listen to music so you can play you favorite tunes. After you learn to play, learning to listen to tunes from ipods, cds, radio, tv, etc., is going to be your biggest problem.The purpose of this book is to immediately show you how to play basic piano.

Title:Play Piano in 1 Hour and Play Sheet Music Chords
Author:Carl Rollins
Publisher: - 2014-10-16


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