Planes, Pranks and Pepto-Bismol

Planes, Pranks and Pepto-Bismol

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From the 1960s to present day, this nonfiction book tells of incidents from forty-plus years, as well as more than 2 million miles of air travel. Plus, there are hundreds of thousands more miles to write about that were traveled in the car once at the destinations. Planes, Pranks and Pepto Bismol covers all the pitfalls of daily life on the road, plus how to overcome - or prevent - the problems in the first place. Funny, scary and filled with tongue-in-cheek sarcasm, this book is also an informative guide for anyone who travels frequently. Even the occasional traveler will gain useful insights. The book's underlying theme concerns how to control stress. By preparing and scheduling your business trips properly, you will automatically eliminate many of the stress factors faced by perennial travelers. Planes, Pranks and Pepto Bismol is filled with ways to deal with everything from the airlines, baggage, car rentals, hotels, restaurants, and even annoying passengers. It also covers trade shows, Asian travel and proper business behavior. Planes, Pranks and Pepto Bismol will leave you in stitches. Author Bob Behrent uses his irreverent humor to poke fun at the travel industry. He says, Air travel is a hurry up and wait event. The airlines make you hurry up, then make you wait forever. He lives in Roxbury Township (Flanders), New Jersey. Publisher's website: http: // Author's website: lower the landing gears manually, by gravity, and just as when the landing gear had a problem in Dallas, the flight engineer of this 727 was going to come into the passenger cabin and view the gears from a visual port under the floor panelsanbsp;...

Title:Planes, Pranks and Pepto-Bismol
Author:Bob Behrent
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing - 2010-05


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