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The American university campus is a fairly safe environment for a stealthy cheat. That's a fact. Numerous term paper websites and 'research services' cheat sites are used by many college students pressed for time or otherwise inclined to lift papers rather than compose assignments on their own. But what many students don't seem to realize is that their professors can be just as adept at spotting a plagiarized paper as students are at plagiarizing. Professors have their own technologically sophisticated ways of telling whether or not a student really wrote a paper on his/her own. This small handbook will give readers the inside scoop on how profs spot a cheat. What students are saying: qDon't get busted! Read Professor Quickwit's handbook on how profs spot a cheat.q qGuaranteed. This handbook isn't on your college reading list!q qWarning: Don't let your profs catch you reading this!q What teachers are saying: qA stunning sneak peek inside the term paper industry! Blew me away! Is this guy really a college professor? I highly doubt it. He basically gives the game away when it comes to cheating.q qShocking details from the world of cheat! Makes you wonder 'Are your students cheating? Are you sure?'q qThese true stories from the world of cheat are a wake-up call for today's teachers! What's happened to American education?qInstead of a hardcopy printout, his prof required all students to submit a digital version of their final draft. ... scroll through his studentsa#39; papers on his laptop computer, type comments on a standard rubric template, and email these comments toanbsp;...

Author:Herbert Ulysses Quickwit
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-06-01


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