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pia me takes the reader through the myriad of fashion and lifestyle choices that are common to young women today. Inspired by the young celebrities with their headline-grabbing escapades, Pia felt she had to say something to help steer girls in the right direction, both in terms of fashion and lifestyle. Stop the madness! she cried. For Pia, a woman is defined by her beauty, both inside and out. A woman needs to work hard to determine what works for her personally. Just like your beauty routine, once you get it figured out it becomes second nature, and just needs a little tweaking as you go through life. A girl's journey can be a difficult one into womanhood. So many things are not discussed or explained, certainly not planned or very well thought out. Pia says it like it is, in her experience, and hopes to help influence or shape young women to be the best they can be. She encourages us to make good choices, establishing boundaries and striving to be kind and loving without being taken advantage of to consistently take the high road and walk the goddess walk.Sometimes I buy the shoe A€rst, then try to A€gure out what goes with it, or will purchase something to go with the shoe. Sometimes ... My gawd, if you care enough to put on heels, spend $5 and have the heel taps replaced at a shoe repair shop.

Author:Pia Jacobsen
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2010-03-24


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