Physiological Psychology

Physiological Psychology

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In a visually appealing format, this text approaches the material from a timely 'neuroscience' perspective, and mirrors the changing face of the field of psychology. The book focuses on the structures and functions of brain anatomy first, then introduces the resulting behaviours. By weaving examples and themes from the Humanities with a solid introduction into the scientific concepts, the book's narrative captures students' excitement and provides them with the scientific foundation necessary for optimum understanding of this dynamic field of psychology. Using state of the art colour illustrations, concepts are introduced and illustrated with great detail and clarity. *FANTASTIC art program, created by the best scientific illustrators in the field, makes the complex information and detail accessible to the student. The art has been carefully coordinated with the text to guide the student through the most difficult concepts *Natural science concepts are taught within the context of each chapter ensuring that students have a greater understanding of the material discussed, as well as the underlying scientific conceptsChapters 2-10 cover the scientific basis of neuroscience from the micro (cell) to the macro (system) level in a ... anatomy of a neuron, along with brief coverage of genetics and of the chemistry necessary to understand subsequent chapters. ... Prentice Hall will format the test and provide an alternate version (if requested) and answer key(s), then mail it back ... The Study Guide is designed with an attractive visual format that incorporates line drawings and illustrations from the textbook.

Title:Physiological Psychology
Author:Timothy K. Smock
Publisher: - 1999


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