Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences

Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences

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KEY BENEFIT: Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences presents the core concepts of physical chemistry with mathematical rigor and conceptual clarity, and develops the modern biological applications alongside the physical principles. The traditional presentations of physical chemistry are augmented with material that makes these chemical ideas biologically relevant, applying physical principles to the understanding of the complex problems of 21st century biology. KEY TOPICS: Physical Chemistry, Biology. MARKET: For all readers interested in physical chemistry and biology.Q6.2 Under what conditions is dG alt; 0 a condition that defines the spontaneity of a process? Q6.3 Which ... Problem numbers in RED indicate that the solution to the problem is given in the Student Solutions Manual. ... P6.2 Calculate AA for the isothermal compression of 2.00 mol of an ideal gas at 298 K from ananbsp;...

Title:Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences
Author:Thomas Engel, Gary Drobny, Philip J. Reid
Publisher:Prentice Hall - 2008


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