Photovoltaics for the technically ungifted

Photovoltaics for the technically ungifted

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There is an enormous number of publications about photovoltaics but there are very few addressing normal people in an understandable language. This book explains how one can build a photovoltaic installation which produces electricity for less than 3 Euro cents per kWh (including the costs for the credit; not everywhere in the world and only when the sun shines; electricity for the night costs about 10 cents more). Everybody who knows which way round to grasp a screw driver is able to set up a photovoltaic installation. The back of an envelope should be big enough to make the calculation whether such an installation pays or not. The book addresses private persons and the owners of small companies who are thinking about producing their own electricity; so we are talking mostly about 'islands' and 'peninsulas' and you will not find any further information about subsidies and taxes. Photovoltaics have the potential to stop the climate change. The book shows (alongside) how this could work out.The main circuit breaker should have a bigger delay built in than the other breakers in order to give the breaker guarding just the faulty circuit time to trip first (after all, there is no good reason why the TV should not work if the lighting circuit tripsanbsp;...

Title:Photovoltaics for the technically ungifted
Author:Jürgen Henning
Publisher:BoD – Books on Demand - 2014-07-23


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