Photographic Lighting Simplified

Photographic Lighting Simplified

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For anyone who is serious about taking better photographs, this is the ultimate success guide. For aspiring photographers ready to transform their work from average to expert, here is the qbibleq to lighting any subject and space effectively. In specific but nontechnical terms, Photographic Lighting Simplified explains how to take light sources-from outdoor bright sunlight to indoor household lighting-and recreate their effects in the studio. A series of enjoyable, hands-on assignments show readers tips for selecting the right camera format, film, and lenses; the basics of metering and testing; overviews of essential equipment for studio lighting; and much more. Plus, dozens of step-by-step illustrations demonstrate an array of techniques for lighting reflective metal and glass objects; lighting different face types and groups; and special lighting considerations for digital cameras. 130 BaW IllustrationsFor much more on this, see the Exposure and Metering section, starting on page 38. Determining Manual Flash Exposures with the Guide Number Formula Manual flash exposure can be calculated mathematically without a flash- meter, if youanbsp;...

Title:Photographic Lighting Simplified
Author:Susan McCartney
Publisher:Skyhorse Publishing Inc. - 2003


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