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Try to Imagine the possibilities android OS devices as a mouse and input keyboard to your PC/Mac, How about Android device as wireless Speakers, Well, youa€™re in the car, android Phone is connected to your car's audio setup, a friend's in the backseat playing with his tablet. He wants to send some music from his tablet library to the android Phone, he fires up an app on his tablet and instantly streams music to the car's audio system thanks to your android Phone acting as a speaker. OR, your PC is in your bedroom and you want to play some tunes on your Tablet Well, with the following tutorial you'll be able to; turn any android device into an wireless speaker, Use your android device as a mouse to your PC with voice search available use your android device as keyboard to your PC Transfer files to your Mac/PC and vice versa without cables. (This does not affect your phone sole purpose, it runs in background and you can access your mouse, keyboard or wireless speaker anytime on your device status bar ) Get a comprehensive STEP BY STEP illustration a a tutorial with all needed provided in the files FREE via direct links NOW. We will be glad be to address your comments, queries and suggestions via a link provided.For Mac OS Imagine the possibilities of iOS devices as Airplay Speakers: youa#39;re in the car, iPhone is connected to your cara#39;s audio setup, ... he fires up the iPod app on his tablet and instantly streams music to the cara#39;s audio system thanks to the iPhone acting as a speaker. ... Please follow the installation instructions below.

Publisher:Wafula Wawekesa Jr. - 2015-03-08


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