Phlebotomy Exam Review

Phlebotomy Exam Review

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This exam review, now in its Second Edition, prepares students for the major national certification exams in phlebotomy, including ASCP, NCA, ASPT, NPA, and AMT. In a comprehensive outline format, it includes content review and contains over 800 multiple-choice questions with answers and rationale. Also includes sample exams to encourage a comfort level in the test-taking environment. A CD-ROM with additional 150 sample test questions accompanies this helpful review manual.Afferent nerves are part of the PNS (see answer to question 41). The brain, CSF and meninges are part of the central nervous system. ... The diaphragm is a muscular strucTable 5-1 Types of Muscles Skeletal muscle is attached to bone, has striated (stri-a-ted) or banded muscle fibers, and is under voluntary ( conscious) control Visceral (vis-er-al) muscle lines the walls of 35. 36. 37. ... The skin is part of the integumentary system. ... Chapter 5 / Human Anatomy and Physiology Review 81.

Title:Phlebotomy Exam Review
Author:Ruth E. McCall, Cathee M. Tankersley
Publisher:XYZ editeur/XYZ Publishing - 2004


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