Philosophy in classroom teaching

Philosophy in classroom teaching

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It's an often-asked question: a€œHow do I use educational philosophy in my classroom teaching?a€ This book is a comprehensive answer. To clearly establish the applicability of philosophy to classroom teaching, this book presents the basics of philosophy; examines all of the major educational philosophiesa€”idealism, realism, pragmatism, existentialism, and post-modernisma€”and their main proponents; and provides readers with a thorough knowledge of each philosophy's fundamental discourse around education. To this theoretical framework are then added real scenarios from real classrooms that demonstrate just how these erudite explorations translate into actual, in-front-of-the-children teaching. Discussion of life, times, and views of several philosophersa€”Pestalozzi, Whitehead, Russell, Apple, Giroux; and the feminists Wollstonecraft, Addams, Martin, and Hooksa€”introduce learners to a wide range of philosophies and philosophers including challenging and controversial ideas and people. Coverage of current and relevant topicsa€”behaviorist learning theories, constructivist learning theories, and the application of philosophy in the new millenniuma€”create an awareness of the most up-to-date thinking in the field.That statement is the theme of the essay, the main idea. Next, it says, a#39;What is the first ... Ms. Milligan then proceeded to work the students through the second persuasive essay and its structural components. She then instructed the students toanbsp;...

Title:Philosophy in classroom teaching
Author:David A. Jacobsen
Publisher:Prentice Hall - 2003


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