Philips AirFryer & Putting The Airfryer To The Weight Loss Test

Philips AirFryer & Putting The Airfryer To The Weight Loss Test

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The Philips AirFryer Put To The Weight Loss Test Since first seeing the reviews for the Philips AirFryer in an old issue of Slimming World magazine I wanted one! And this ebook is all about me giving you the guided tour through mine and how it worked for me. This not a recipe ebook full of recipes on how to make things in the Airfryer because that is like telling people to cook a ready meal in a microwave. (though, we do sneak in our trusted chip shop style chips recipe) But more about cooking your favourite foods and using the AirFryer to make some of your favourites more low calorie. It is split into the following chapters: The benefits of the Philips AirFryer How to make Slimming World inspired Chips Alternatives to the Philips AirFryer Top 10 favourite dishes to cook in the Philips AirFryer This ebook is about the philips Air fryer and its uses. We use the Air Fryer a lot at home and here we catalogue what we use it for and how if at all it helps you to lose weight. Its main purpose is for people that want to eat the naughty food but don't want the naughty calories in their diet and is a great aid if you are losing weight like we are.The Philips AirFryer uses a combination of circulating hot air with a grill element to cook the food within it and the temperature you cook at can be controlled with an external dial for precision cooking. You can make awesome chips in it alonganbsp;...

Title:Philips AirFryer & Putting The Airfryer To The Weight Loss Test
Author:My Weight Loss Dream
Publisher:My Weight Loss Dream - 2015-06-02


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