Perpetuating American Greatness after the Fiscal Cliff

Perpetuating American Greatness after the Fiscal Cliff

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The federal government has failed to adequately regulate free market capitalism in the United States. Understanding how we got to this point is the first step in figuring out how to fix the economy. It is still possible to help the forgotten middle class, create jobs, and provide mortgage relief to homeowners. In this guidebook to perpetuating American greatness, Stephen J. Feinberg introduces Jump Start America Bonds to encourage cash-rich businesses and individuals to invest in transportation infrastructure construction projects to create jobs. He proposes a US mortgage court to oversee the restructuring of home mortgages on terms that would give relief to homeowners and end the housing crisis. He also explores other key issues, such as the federal deficit, income and estate tax fairness, and ways to better regulate banks and the securities markets. Throughout his study, Feinberg seeks to help America recover by providing a concrete plan to reverse the economic decline and return the country to economic greatness once again.It was not incompetent credit verification that led banks to offer home mortgages and credit cards with excessive limits to people who are poor credit risks. Bankers gave mortgages with teaser loan rates to borrowers they knew had poor creditanbsp;...

Title:Perpetuating American Greatness after the Fiscal Cliff
Author:Stephen J. Feinberg
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-02-26


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