Pepper Jack

Pepper Jack

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Jackson Pritchard is a wanted man. Wanted by his clients, by an ex-lover, by a new love interest...and now by the police for questioning. His clients have begun to turn up dead. Jessica Young wants to live her own life for a change. Now that her second life is ready to begin, her path crosses Jackson's. Follow them across the country and further as their adventures culminate in an explosive and surprise ending. Pepper Jack is a thriller much in the style of James Patterson. Set predominantly in Memphis, it is filled with rich Southern character and characters. The dialogue is fun and fast and the characters are memorable and enjoyable, even the bad guys! Let yourself be swept in the story and see the pages turn themselves.His cell phone was ringing straight to voice mail, which worried her immensely. Every time she called and got it, her stress level rose a bit more. She pulled her phone out to dial again when the doctor she had spoken to earlier emerged from aanbsp;...

Title:Pepper Jack
Author:Jon Pendergrass
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-04-01


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