Peeking at Pillars

Peeking at Pillars

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Writers have called writing everything from curse to cure, art to addiction, passion to purpose. Some called writing a reason to live; others thought it a cause of death. Peeking at Pillars is a collection of quotations about writing from which author Steven Lundin extracts universal truths about writing and reconciles them with his five year experience of writing every day but two. He relates the humor, hopes, fears, and frustrations of the pillars of writing to the modern experience of writing. For example, Lundin uses:a€c Margaret Atwood's a€œThe wastebasket has evolved for a reasona€ to explain how Atwood's a€œwrite, wad, and tossa€ is today's a€œkey press, backspace, delete-delete, cut, copy, and paste, a€ showing that failure has gone greena€c F. Scott Fitzgerald's a€œFirst you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you, a€ to explain to new writers: a€œFirst you write a character, then the character tells his story, then you take the credita€a€c Virginia Woolf's, a€œFor a woman to write fictiona€b, a€ to answer what is needed For A Man to Write Fictiona€c Tolstoy's a€œAll happy families are alikea€ba€ to warn writers how easily the first line of novels can assure Your Place in the Gravea€c P.G. Wodehouse's a€œI just sit at my typewriter and curse a bita€ to remind writers how fortunate they are to have computers a€“ a€œthat is, they're fortunate when the damn things work.a€Peeking at Pillars is for readers and writers, men and women, young and old, and the busy and the bored. Its bite sized portions make it ideal for travel or late night reading.Ghostwriter Dad 50 Inspirational Writing Quotes inspirational-writingquotes/ Eminent Quotables: What Writers Say About Writing es_frames.htm Inspirationalanbsp;...

Title:Peeking at Pillars
Author:Steven Lundin
Publisher:Steven R Lundin - 2012-04-01


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