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This book PEDIBLOOM: Pediatric Cases and Summaries is organized in 18 Chapters and Appendices; Basics including Neonatology in the First Section and Systems including Pediatric Surgery in the Second Section. In each chapter, relevant data are summarized, followed by typical case reports and discussion. This format is chosen to initiate a new horizon of self study. The chapters on clinical pediatrics, growth, nutrition, development pediatrics, systemic diseases, intensive care and pediatric surgery are packed with information and practical tips. The different charts, tables and photographs included in the text and appendix form a ready-reckoner to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers and practicing doctors. The lucid style of presentation is commendable and touches upon all major areas of pediatrics.qAcetylcysteine Solution as sodium 10%100 mg/ml (4 ml, 10 ml, 30 ml) 20% 200 mg/ml (4 ml, 10 ml, 30 ml, 100 ml) Stomatitis, urticaria. Rapid IV push may cause hypotension Infants 2-4 ml as inhalation, Children 6-10 ml, adolescents: 10 mlanbsp;...

Author:K. E. Elizabeth, Ann Mary Jacob


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