Paying It Forward : New Beginnings

Paying It Forward : New Beginnings

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Charles Logan was a highly decorated combat veteran and retired Army Ranger. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan brought back the nightmares of young men and women in Vietnam who'd suffered the loss of limbs and had been compelled to endure those consequences. Blessed with unexpected good fortune, he established ReRanger School, a facility predicated on the belief that technology must meet the needs of our heroes, that our heroes must not be relegated to the limitations of technology. He set out to return to them some small measure of what they'd sacraficed for their country.How many white dodge Chargers can there be on one street in this town? He turned around in time to see another white dodge Charger coming down the street at him. He looked closer. Wasna#39;t her; the driver was white. He pulled up andanbsp;...

Title:Paying It Forward : New Beginnings
Author:Chuck Booth
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-04


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