Patrick Suppes

Patrick Suppes

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The aim of this series is to inform both professional philosophers and a larger readership (of social and natural scientists, methodologists, mathematicians, students, teachers, publishers, etc. ) about what is going on, who's who, and who does what in contemporary philosophy and logic. PROFILES is designed to present the research activity and the results of already outstanding personalities and schools and of newly emerging ones in the various fields of philosophy and logic. There are many Festschrift volumes dedicated to various philosophers. There is the celebrated Library of Living Philosophers edited by P. A. Schilpp whose format influenced the present enterprise. Still they can only cover very little of the contemporary philosophical scene. Faced with a tremen dous expansion of philosophical information and with an almost frighten ing division of labor and increasing specialization we need systematic and regular ways of keeping track of what happens in the profession. PRO FILES is intended to perform such a function. Each volume is devoted to one or several philosophers whose views and results are presented and discussed. The profiled philosopher(s) will summarize and review his (their) own work in the main fields of signifi cant contribution. This work will be discussed and evaluated by invited contributors. Relevant historical and/or biographical data, an up-to-date bibliography with short abstracts of the most important works and, whenever possible, references to significant reviews and discussions will also be included.B (a prima facie cause) is a spurious cause of A (in sense one) iff there is an earlier event C satisfying (iv) P(BC) agt; 0, (v) P(A/BC) = P(A/C), and (vi) P(A/BC) ... Suppes suggests that the motions of the moons of Jupiter are e-spurious causes of the eartha#39;s motion for very small 8. ... It is found (at asymptote) that the reinforcement of a given response is a non-spurious cause of its occurrence on the next trial.

Title:Patrick Suppes
Author:R. Bogdan
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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