Pathfinder Tales: Prince of Wolves

Pathfinder Tales: Prince of Wolves

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For elven Pathfinder Varian Jeggare and his devil-blooded assistant Radovan, things are rarely as they seem. Yet not even the notorious crime-solving duo is prepared for what they find when a search for a missing Pathfinder takes them into the mist-shrouded mountains of gothic Ustalav. Beset on all sides by noble intrigue, mysterious locals, and the deadly creatures of the night, Varian and Radovan must use both sword and spell to track the strange rumors to their source and uncover a secret of unimaginable proportions. But it'll take more than merely solving the mystery to finish this job, for a shadowy figure has taken note of the pair's investigations, and is set on making sure neither man gets out of Ustalav alive... From fan-favorite author Dave Gross comes a new fantastical mystery set in the award-winning world of the Pathfinder Role playing Game.that these people are not simple Varisians you have employed to guide you.a€ I concede his point with a nod. a€œYoung Tudor here is from a village near the mountains. He is our guide. Azra is a cleric of Desna, a healer, whose value to anyanbsp;...

Title:Pathfinder Tales: Prince of Wolves
Author:Dave Gross
Publisher:Macmillan - 2015-08-18


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