Part 2. Matter, Energy, and Our Planet

Part 2. Matter, Energy, and Our Planet

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This document consists of two chapters from the eBook Understanding Physical Geography: Chapter 3: Matter, Energy and the Universe and Chapter 4: Solar Radiation and the Earth. This eBook was written for students taking introductory Physical Geography taught at a college or university. On Google Play best viewed on the web with a computer. Text may appear too small on a iPad or tablet.FIGURE 4.23 Relationship of maximum Sun height to selected latitudes for the equinoxes (left) and June solstice ... Locations at the equator show the least amount of variation in insolation over a one-year period (Figure 4.27 - diagram B) .

Title:Part 2. Matter, Energy, and Our Planet
Author:Michael Pidwirny
Publisher:Our Planet Earth Publishing - 2014-04-21


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