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Following a tragic accident, Eric Hawthorne is catapulted into a fantastic realm where time slides sideways and where a world of shadows determines the fate of mankind. This is a place where man and monsters, angels and demons, deities and demigods fight for supremacy -- and where the fate of a newborn child can hang in the balance and decide the difference between restoration of the galaxy or its imprisonment forever. In this realm, Eric discovers that he is a clone, a Pariah that is a fail-safe contingency following a paradox matrix equation. In this equation it becomes necessary for Eric to be acquired to near-godhood status where he can be in two places at one time -- find, confront, and defeat an alternate-self, a darker personae bent on world-domination, and stop a demigoddess, a collector of worlds, from wiping out the lineage that conceived the Pariah.It was a forty inch Sylvania that nestled in the entertainment shelving unit against the far wall of the living room. Directly above the television, there were three shelves. The first shelves held more than three-dozen VCR tapes of various motionanbsp;...

Author:Timothy Goodwin
Publisher:Pariah - 2004-04-01


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