Pagan Astrology

Pagan Astrology

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A guide to the practice of planetary magic a€c Offers tools for practitioners of green magic and folk magic to incorporate astrology into their practice a€c Includes an extensive collection of magical remedies to resolve astrological afflictions a€c Provides information on creating planetary altars and the astrological correspondences of traditional pagan holidays Traditionally, magically oriented astrology has focused on Sun-sign horoscopes while modern Western astrology has focused on attempting to become as a€œscientifica€ as possible in hopes of aligning with its sister science of astronomy. In Pagan Astrology, Raven Kaldera, a practicing astrologer and Pagan shaman, uses the commonalities and strengths of Western astrology and Pagan green magic to introduce a hands-on astrological practice that incorporates intuition, spells, and other modes of folk magic into astrology. Kaldera includes an extensive compendium of modern magical remedies to counteract negative astrological influences and shows how to use planetary energy to aid Pagan worship and green magic practice through spell casting, love magic, and shamanic stargazing. Kaldera also explains how to create planetary altars that enhance the astrological correspondences of traditional Pagan holidays using the tools of folk magic. Practitioners of green and folk magic and those who love traditional astrology will welcome this unique approach to planetary magic.Spell-Casting, Love Magic, and Shamanic Stargazing Raven Kaldera ... Spells to get survival jobs; spells to get good hired help; magic to find ways to give honorable service; magic to help you get through rotten daily jobs like cleaning youranbsp;...

Title:Pagan Astrology
Author:Raven Kaldera
Publisher:Inner Traditions / Bear & Co - 2009-09-28


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