Outside the Limelight

Outside the Limelight

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The Ivy League is a place where basketball is neither a pastime nor a profession. Instead, it is a true passion among players, coaches, and committed sports enthusiasts who share in its every success and setback. Outside the Limelight is the first book to look inside Ivy League basketball and at the boundless enthusiasm that defines it. With painstaking reportage, Kathy Orton vividly captures the internal fervor of the personalities who champion their gameA¹all the triumphs and disappointments of an Ivy hoop season. Scholarships for student athletes? None, and this is the only Division I conference that does not offer them. The TV spotlight? It barely shines, despite the passion, talent, and commitment of the players. Megadollar contracts from the NBA? Rarely does a player receive an offer. These age-old institutions are better known for turning out presidents, not point guards, and CEOs and captains of industry, not centers on the court. Orton weaves together the stories of coaches and players as they move from fall practice through an entire season and ahead to the NCAA tournament. From Harvard to Penn, Princeton to Cornell and beyond, playersA¹perhaps more accustomed to pomp and circumstanceA¹face leaky gyms, endure long bus rides, rigorous courseloads, and unbearable exam schedules. Why? Just to prove they can hang with the big boys despite juggling multiple non-athletic responsibilities? Maybe. But more importantly, for the sincere love of the game. Outside the Limelight provides frontcourt vision for college basketball fans everywhere to achieve an appreciation of this captivating conference and for diehard enthusiasts to gain greater insight into what brings Ivy League basketball to center circle.Basketball in the Ivy League Kathy Orton ... The first practice was a disaster. ... a€œ The practice on Monday was kind of shaky for a number of different reasons, not just because guys were frustrated and tired of each other, but ... Is there a phone I can use? ... I dona#39;t want to hear about this underdog stuff a€a€”but he did list on the teama#39;s practice plan under a€œThought for the daya€ a quotation by ... Free, as he was often called, was perhaps the last one on the team likely to initiate the gathering.

Title:Outside the Limelight
Author:Kathy Orton
Publisher:Rutgers University Press - 2009-09-11


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