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Outlawed is Marka€™s third novel and is the final installment of the Prank Trilogy. A critically acclaimed and fast-paced adventure series featuring a host of colorful characters, including Kev and Sadie, the seriesa€™ heroes. It comes hot on the heels of its predecessors Prank in 2010 and Scallywags in 2011. The author has become well known for his descriptive skills and has developed a knack for suspense building and the setting of a particular scene. It makes for great reading, and the pages seem to turn themselves as the story weaves and the plot twists and turns; at times it leaves you breathless, others it will make you laugh out loud. One thing is for surea€”there is never a dull moment even when there is one.It was a blue ford transit on a P plate, which meant it was registered in nineteen ninety six, which in turn meant it was easy to break into and even easier to hot wire. It had taken him twenty seconds to breach the outer door lock with his knife, anbsp;...

Publisher:Author House - 2013-03-14


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