Outdoor Flash Photography

Outdoor Flash Photography

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The flash unit is a complex device and very valuable to the outdoor photographer. Whether you photograph the landscape or outdoor adventures, nature may not always provide the best light. Flash can be used in conjunction with the outdoor light that is available or it can be used as the only light source. You can brighten your subject, create striking images of motion, or use flash to make your subject pop. You might need flash in combination with the natural light or have a need to create light where there isn't any and this book covers how to do it all. This book shows you how to use the Nikon SB900 and Canon 580EXII, each covered in great detail. From the LCD to all the buttons, their purpose and function are explained. Charlie Borland shows you how to apply flash for specific results in both intensity and quality and even more valuable is how to create light that tells stories. Something that is important to outdoor and adventure photographers! If you have a flash to accompany your DSLR and overwhelmed by all the options, this eBook will set you on the right path.This means that by changing your f/stop, you control the brightness of your flash exposure, just like an ambient outdoor exposure! Here is an example: take a picture with the flash set on manual (not ETTL) and at full power, and leta#39;s say for anbsp;...

Title:Outdoor Flash Photography
Author:Charlie Borland
Publisher:Charlie Borland Photography - 2013-07-15


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