Out of the Fog, Into the Sun

Out of the Fog, Into the Sun

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Are you intrigued by the idea of faith? Are you searching for answers to questions about God as you try to make sense of the circumstances of your life? Have you ever wondered what it means to experience religious conversion? In Out of the Fog, Into the Sun, Jo Kinnard shares her personal story of life transformation. She talks freely about what it means to be brought into faith through Christ as an older adult, after being born and raised Hindu. As someone who has a background in religion and philosophy, and holds a doctorate in one of the main schools of Indian Philosophy underlying Hinduism, Dr. Kinnard is able to articulate questions that seekers have about God and faith. Her story makes a powerful confession of the Gospel in a world marked by religious pluralism, atheism, and agnosticism. It is written for individuals and for discussion groups--exploring what it means to be a Christian today from both an qoutsiderq and an qinsiderq perspective--and underlining that in Christ, there are no walls.from kindergarten through high school, I attended the Convent of the good Shepherd, a school for girls run by Irish nuns. ... ranging from memorization and recitation of long english poems to some other, more onerous writing assignment.

Title:Out of the Fog, Into the Sun
Author:Jo Kinnard
Publisher:Wipf and Stock Publishers - 2010-09-01


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