Our Sixth Sense

Our Sixth Sense

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In the 1980s, a concept team of police officers was selected to develop a crime analysis system in Houston. During the development phase, they interviewed over fifty Houston police officers and investigators. Not a single officer or investigator interviewed could describe how they used statistical charts or pin maps as a solvability factor to develop the identity of an offender, probable cause to detain and interview a suspicious person, evidence to file an arrest or search warrant, or testimony in a court of law to convict a defendant. With the realization that common sense often plays a much bigger role in the way that police work actually gets done, Ronald Wizinsky explores the flaws in the current system and the way that knowledge can be better utilized to create a more effective system. He tells the true story of how common police knowledge was recognized, defined, and applied to the crime analysis process, auto theft reduction strategies, and robbery case management in the Houston Police Department from 1985 to 2004. In this informative and original work, Wizinsky outlines how Our Sixth Sense can be a legitimate, useful tool.Sample Data Data Fields: suspect description, suspect vehicle description, suspect license plate. Data: WM 25, 6, a#39; ... If the ownera#39;s description matches the sus- pecta#39;s description, then run criminal history on the vehicle owner. If the registeredanbsp;...

Title:Our Sixth Sense
Author:Ronald Wizinsky
Publisher:Tate Publishing - 2011-04


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