Our Almost Impossible Universe

Our Almost Impossible Universe

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WHY GOD COULD NOT CREATE THE UNIVERSE WITH A DIFFERENT DIMENSION EVEN IF IT WANTED TO or perhaps anything else. Perhaps the universe must be the way it is. It seems that what is omnipotent is mathematics, elementary arithmetic, just counting. Yet even mathematics is not powerful enough to create a universe there are just too many conditions, conflicting. Existence is impossible. Beyond that for there to be structure is quite inconceivable. But the universe does exist, there are galaxies, stars, even the possibility of life. That life is possible merely allows it to exist but only with the greatest good fortune does it actually occur. Intelligence is vastly less likely, ability and technology far more improbable. That we are, what we are, seem so strange, inconceivable, that we are left merely with wonder and, as we seem unable to realize, the need for the deepest care, responsibility and gratitude. We have been given by the unbelievable benevolence of chance, no life, but life with the most wondrous part of the universe, the ability to think, to know, to create, to wonder and thus the demand that we use our most awesome gifts to protect them, to protect and preserve the world in which they exist, and the life, likely so rare if not unique in the universe, which has received these astounding favors of chance, that has been given by nature its most exalted constituents. What we are requires that we enhance what we are, what we are part of, to see, understand and be grateful. An exploration of the precise conditions required for the existence of humans in the universe. ...the author does an admirable job delineating the laws of physics without becoming too bogged down in complicated jargon, and he maintains a sense of wonder about the unique and random nature of the universe. He repeatedly celebrates our highly improbable achievements as a species, marveling at our ability to use the language of abstract mathematics to unravel the mysteries of existence. ... the prevailing tone of the narrative is clear and confident, marked by a meticulous attention to detail. An...often fascinating journey through the history of the universe and mankind. -Kirkus DiscoveriesqPut the current (737) in for each branch using the same subscript as for the circuit elements in that branch. ... Notice the equation is labeled with the same symbol that the branch point has on the diagram. ... Students should know the physical reason for Kirchhoffa#39;s point rule and for zero current through a capacitor. 7. For each ... Identify each loop and the direction along which it is traversed by the letters and order of the branch points through which you pass as you walk along the loop.

Title:Our Almost Impossible Universe
Author:R. Mirman
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006


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