Organization Excellence: Productivity and Improvement (A Simple Approach)

Organization Excellence: Productivity and Improvement (A Simple Approach)

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Throughout my years of productivity and IT consultancy with implementation, I have encountered numerous challenges faced by organization to implement an efficient and effective system that works for them. When such challenges are not handled properly, it resulted in implementations which are not optimized to the organization business requirement. I would like to provide some useful information, which can help organizations to implement productivity and improvement activities into their daily operations. There are many factors that can affect productivity of an organization. As it is not possible for me to cover every tool which can help to improve productivity, I have decided to concentrate on some of the key ones here. I will be touching on plant layouts, proper quality frameworks and management system for the discussion in this book. An organization with an optimized system in place, can contribute to good output performance. It increases the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization. Internal controls should be installed to ensure that products at every stage of the process are being checked for conformance. Enforcement of the compliance to the procedures and internal controls that were implemented should also be available to ensure that the defined goals and objectives are met. A good organization should stress on training for staff. Such training should be structured in a way that it is geared towards equipping staff with the relevant skill sets and knowledge to perform their job. Job skill matrix table could be put up to develop staff further and also serve as a tool for resource planning. I cannot stress enough the importance of how a good proper strategic planning and implementation can contribute greatly to the success of an organization performance. Due to this, I have also included Business Continuity Planning as one of the criteria for organization excellence. With the occurrence of natural disaster, haze, pandemic flu episode and any unexpected happening, it warrants some form of planning to prepare the organization to systematically react in the event such occurrence is to happen. As a value added service, I have included a few Excel templates for some of the tools cover in this book in the website: You will need to be a registered user in order to gain access to them. They are listed as follows: - Fish Bone Diagram using Excel - Moving Average using Excel - Correlation using Excel - Covariance using Excel - Percentile using Excel - Pareto Chart using Excel - Solver using Excel - Goal Seek using ExcelSelect the item in Control the pointer Move the mouse sensor to item Hold and move the mouse casing Hold the ... item Click on the left mouse button Figure 7.2. 2.1 a€“ Functional Analysis System Technique (FAST) Diagram From the diagram, anbsp;...

Title:Organization Excellence: Productivity and Improvement (A Simple Approach)
Author:David Kong
Publisher:David Kong - 2014-07-13


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