Ordering America

Ordering America

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Ordering America, painting a felicitous portrait of Western civilization, shows that its defining ideals--rooted in manAas common human nature, a perception newly substantiated by modern evolutionary psychology--were best fulfilled by realization of the American founding order. Twentieth-century progressivism and postmodern multiculturalism detoured America down the way of social constructionism--human nature and equality are produced by culture and the state, through groups. The book sets a course to revive the Western ideals and return to an opportune center-right American order, applying latest scientific insights and restoring individual responsibility and reciprocity under more limited, still energetic government befitting our century.Arlene W. Saxonhouse, a€œThematic Essay: Roman Political and Social Thought, a€ Encarta. Burns, Western Civilizations ... David Gress, a€œMulticulturalism in History, a€ Orbis, Foreign Policy Research Institute, Fall 1999. 44. Durant, Caesar andanbsp;...

Title:Ordering America
Author:William H. Young
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-07


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