Orbiting the Moons of Pluto

Orbiting the Moons of Pluto

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The Maxwell, Einstein, SchrApdinger and Dirac equations are considered the most important equations in all of physics. This volume aims to provide new eight- and twelve-dimensional complex solutions to these equations for the first time in order to reveal their richness and continued importance for advancing fundamental Physics. If M-Theory is to keep its promise of defining the ultimate structure of matter and spacetime, it is only through the topological configurations of additional dimensionality (or degrees of freedom) that this will be possible. Stretching the exploration of complex space through all of the main equations of Physics should help tighten the noose on a€œthea€ fundamental theory. This kind of exploration of higher dimensional spacetime has for the most part been neglected by M-theorists and physicists in general and is taken to its penultimate form here.... with 47Ie, giving 2 2 05 I fie ~1.5agt;alt;10aquot;4cm and justifies identifying 4716 with the electrical m charge e for 47re or dAc 1 e ... 7.43 4a€ aquot;a#39; (47r7a#39;)Ia#39; 4717/( W V4)a#39; r ( ) because all parts of the electron obey the same relativity where 2 2 2 A A J t I¼ I¼ I¼ .

Title:Orbiting the Moons of Pluto
Author:Elizabeth A. Rauscher, Richard L. Amoroso
Publisher:World Scientific - 2011


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