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The demand for Oracle professionals is high. This book serves as an introduction to the Oracle9i technology. It is beginner focused - the price, page count and content level have been adjusted to be more in line with what you would expect from a Beginner's Guide. It starts from Ground Zero and provides an introduction to the Oracle corporation and its product strategy. It then moves on to beginner-level topics and overviews of the RDBMS and the roll of a DBA, and then progresses to slightly more advanced topics. This guide covers the 9i features focused on eBusiness platform development, including availability, security, scalability and manageability. It also discusses the Internet and eBusiness products and strategies that are shaping Oracle's technology. Each chapter includes: bulleted overview of topics and goals of the chapter; definitions of words and terms discussed; hands-on exercises or step-by-step instructions; and chapter questions and answers.This beginnera#39;s guide starts with an introduction to Oracle Corporation and where it is going with its product strategy, and then moves on to an overview of the RDBMS and the roll of a DBA, and progresses to slightly more advanced topics.

Author:Michael Abbey, Michael J. Corey, Ian Abramson
Publisher:McGraw Hill Professional - 2002


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