Optimal Sampled-Data Control Systems

Optimal Sampled-Data Control Systems

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Among the many techniques for designing linear multivariable analogue controllers, the two most popular optimal ones are H2 and H Ai optimization. The fact that most new industrial controllers are digital provides strong motivation for adapting or extending these techniques to digital control systems. This book, now available as a corrected reprint, attempts to do so. Part I presents two indirect methods of sampled-data controller design: These approaches include approximations to a real problem, which involves an analogue plant, continuous-time performance specifications, and a sampled-data controller. Part II proposes a direct attack in the continuous-time domain, where sampled-data systems are time-varying. The findings are presented in forms that can readily be programmed in, e.g., MATLAB.... recursion on (4.5): L = ALAa#39; + BBa#39; =agt; L A(ALAa#39; + BBa#39;)Aa#39; + BBa#39; A*LAa€ + ABBa#39;Aa#39; + BBa#39; =agt; L = A*LAa€ + A*BBa#39;Aa€ + ABBa#39;Aa#39; + BBa#39; etc. so L equals the convergent series of matrices L = BBa#39; + ABBa#39;Aa#39; + A*BBa#39;Aa€ + . . . . Let us return to computing ||g|2.

Title:Optimal Sampled-Data Control Systems
Author:Tongwen Chen, Bruce A. Francis
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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