Operator Approach to Linear Problems of Hydrodynamics

Operator Approach to Linear Problems of Hydrodynamics

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This is the first volume of a set of two devoted to the operator approach to linear problems in hydrodynamics. It presents functional analytical methods applied to the study of small movements and normal oscillations of hydromechanical systems having cavities filled with either ideal or viscous fluids. The work is a sequel to and at the same time substantially extends the volume qOperator Methods in Linear Hydrodynamics: Evolution and Spectral Problemsq by N.D. Kopachevsky, S.G. Krein and Ngo Zuy Kan, published in 1989 by Nauka in Moscow. It includes several new problems on the oscillations of partially dissipative hydrosystems and the oscillations of visco-elastic or relaxing fluids. The work relies on the authors' and their students' works of the last 30-40 years. The readers are not supposed to be familiar with the methods of functional analysis. In the first part of the present volume, the main facts of linear operator theory relevant to linearized problems of hydrodynamics are summarized, including elements of the theories of distributions, self-adjoint operators in Hilbert spaces and in spaces with an indefinite metric, evolution equations and asymptotic methods for their solutions, the spectral theory of operator pencils. The book is particularly useful for researchers, engineers and students in fluid mechanics and mathematics interested in operator theoretical methods for the analysis of hydrodynamical problems.Volume 1: Self-adjoint Problems for an Ideal Fluid Nikolay D. Kopachevskii, Selim GrigorE¹evich KreAsn, Selim G. Krein ... Without solving the corresponding problems on static and small potential movements of such a compound hydroelasticanbsp;...

Title:Operator Approach to Linear Problems of Hydrodynamics
Author:Nikolay D. Kopachevskii, Selim Grigorʹevich Kreĭn, Selim G. Krein
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2001-09-01


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