Operational Amplifiers and Linear ICs

Operational Amplifiers and Linear ICs

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Practical examples offered throughout this book show how easy it is to design op-amps into a wide variety of circuits. Manufacturers' data sheets are referred to and standard value components are selected. Beginning with a description of the basic operational amplifier circuit, voltagefollowers, inverting amplifiers and noninverting amplifiers are discussed. Op-amp characteristics and parameters are investigated and frequency compensation methods are thoroughly explored. All of the most important op-amp circuit applications are explained, analyzed, and designed.A noninverting amplifier is to amplify a 100 mV signal to a level of 3 V. Using a 741 op-amp, design a suitable circuit. Redesign the circuit for Problem 3-9 substituting a LF353 op-amp in place of the 741. Calculate the typical input and outputanbsp;...

Title:Operational Amplifiers and Linear ICs
Author:David A. Bell
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 1997


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