Oops! I Forgot My Wife

Oops! I Forgot My Wife

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How goes the husband, so goes the marriage. Do you agree? With few exceptions, a husband's loving leadership (or lack of it) sets the tone for the marriage. The trouble is, when it comes to loving leadership, most guys draw a blank. That's why this marriage book takes the form of a story. In Oops! I Forgot My Wife, Doyle Roth puts thirty-plus years of marriage counseling experience into the story of a guy named Mitch. A guy who is so bad at ?husbanding? he wakes up one morning king of an empty castle. On the brink of divorce, he learns what love really means. Told through an exchange of emails, Mitch's story is about real marriage, flaws and all. It's not pretty or sanitized, but any man willing to examine his own heart will see the truth in it and benefit greatly from his story. (On the other hand, husbands who are already perfect may know of some ?friend? who could use a wake-up call. This book would make a perfect gift for that friend's wife.)I got a similar ownera#39;s manual when I bought my new Ford F-250 4x4 pickup truck in 1968. It was a little book that told me how to take care of my new vehicle. I was so proud of that truck! Fact of the matter is, I still use it at the ranch. Now relaxanbsp;...

Title:Oops! I Forgot My Wife
Author:Doyle Roth
Publisher:Lewis & Roth Publishers - 2004


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