Online Consumer Psychology

Online Consumer Psychology

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Online Consumer Psychology addresses many of the issues created by the Internet and goes beyond the topic of advertising and the Web to include topics such as customization, site design, word of mouth processes, and the study of consumer decision making while online. The theories and research methods help provide greater insight into the processes underlying consumer behavior in online environments. Broken into six sections, this book: focuses on community and looks at the Internet's ability to bring like-minded individuals from around the world into one forum; examines issues related to advertising, specifically click-through rates and advertising content placed within gaming online and wireless networks; provides readers with reasons why consumers customize products and the benefits of customization; discusses the psychological effects of site design; asks the question of whether the Internet empowers consumers to make better decisions; and discusses research tools that can be used online.Under these conditions, the brand being evaluated will be perceived as being similar to the activated brand, thereby ... For instance, if Mercedes Benz is primed , a Honda Accord will be judged to be less expensive than if a Volkswagen Beetle is primed (Herr, 1989). ... This type of choice occurs when consumers select a product from a vending machine or when they select a product in a self- service storeanbsp;...

Title:Online Consumer Psychology
Author:Curtis P. Haugtvedt, Karen A. Machleit, Richard Yalch
Publisher:Psychology Press - 2005-03-23


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