One Touch (Expanded Edition with Discussion Guide)

One Touch (Expanded Edition with Discussion Guide)

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Susan Lana Hafnera€™s childhood and early adult life revolved around her mother, who was alcoholic and obsessive-compulsive. Beautiful, charming, and completely captive to her mental illness, Susana€™s mother possessed none of the skills necessary for raising a child. As she moved from bar to bar, boyfriend to boyfriend, and husband to husband, Susan was shuffled along--hidden in the shadows--desperately trying to make a life for herself and her mother. An only child growing up with no one to depend on, Susan quickly learned how to fend for herself, how to take care of those around her, and--above all else--how to keep anyone from getting too close. After finding God in the pews of a Baptist church in Louisiana, Susan began a journey of struggle, hope, and redemption. As the barriers that gave her strength as a child slowly crumbled, she discovered who she is, how much God loves her, and what it really means to be part of a family. One Touch tells the story of how, against all odds, God performed miracle after miracle in the life of someone who possessed nothing but the will to follow Him. With heartbreaking honesty, Susana€™s story provides proof that God loves us as we are and that just one touch from Him can transform any life.AM SO GLAD YOU finished reading my story and are ready to work through the discussion guide. An important message that I really hope you got from this book is, God can get you through. You know how yearbooks used to list a€œMost Likely to anbsp;...

Title:One Touch (Expanded Edition with Discussion Guide)
Author:Susan Lana Hafner
Publisher:Charisma Media - 2013-05-22


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