One on One with Second Language Writers

One on One with Second Language Writers

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divdiv One-on-one encounters with writers often contribute more to the development of student writing abilities than any classroom activity because they are personalized and responsive to individual needs. For the encounters to be successful, the writing tutor, teacher, or consultant must be prepared, must be knowledgeable of what it means to write and the factors that make writing more and less effective, and must also know the students. This guide focuses on what those who conference with second language writers need to know to respond best to students, recognize their needs, and steer conversations in productive directions. One on One with Second Language Writers provides tips about activities that can be adapted to individual contexts, student writing samples that can be analyzed for practice, a glossary, a list of useful resources, and a checklist for conferencing sessions. The book is appropriate for use in university and secondary school writing or learning centers, teacher training programs for both general composition and ESOL instructors, and as an individual reference tool. The book uses non-technical language where possible, but terminology is introduced where it might be useful when conferencing with students. /DIV/DIVA Guide for Writing Tutors, Teachers, and Consultants Dudley W. Reynolds. obvious is that hidden within ... fivea€”paragraph essaya€” a form that will dominate their assigned writing through at least the end of high school. The five-paragraph essay ... been said in the paper. It is more than just a structural template, however .

Title:One on One with Second Language Writers
Author:Dudley W. Reynolds
Publisher:University of Michigan Press - 2009-06-02


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