One Great Truth

One Great Truth

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Jonathan Falwell carries on the legacy of his father -- the internationally renowned founder of Thomas Road Baptist Church, Jerry Falwell -- by reminding believers of the single most important truth for their spiritual walk through life. Regardless of the trials and suffering Christians face, there remains one simple, underlying, foundational truth that enables them to have the strength to carry on and find purpose in their lives, no matter the situation. Everyone is searching for significance, trying to find ways to make a difference in the world while undergoing all sorts of tribulations that seem to bring nothing but disappointment. There are innumerable plans for success and ways to overcome adversity, but people are quickly learning that all of these efforts prove futile. The real secret and one great truth in discovering meaning in life is for readers to keep their focus on Christ, and this is the principle that Jonathan Falwell teaches with affirmation and authority. Readers will learn how all of life's mysteries can be unraveled when everything they do centers on Christ. The Bible provides the hope readers need to forge ahead in the face of constant challenges and setbacks. With God, all things are possible, and only in Him can readers find the strength and ability they need to succeed in ways that truly matter.Finally we got the proper charger and connected it to the ATV. We left it plugged in overnight, hoping that the following day we would find the battery fully charged. Unfortunately, the ATV still wouldna#39;t start. The battery was completely dead.

Title:One Great Truth
Author:Jonathan Falwell
Publisher:Howard Books - 2008-10-28


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