One Dear Land

One Dear Land

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This book sets out a way by which our society may progress from its present condition of widespread antagonism and fear to one of greater security and cooperation among the peoples of the earth. The proposed steps are very workable, centering around economics, government, and religion. This last category, religion, is important and we should not be hesitant about dealing with it. Each of the three subjects mentioned above has been discussed in previous works by many authors, but One Dear Land shows how these fields of vital human concern can be made to interact and reinforce each other so as to help us along the path to a better, safer, happier world. A number of the points concerning economics have been raised previously in scholarly works, but as someone has observed, most people do not read books of that kind. One Dear Land was written by a lay person for other lay persons, and is easy to read. The greater part of the book is in novel form. It is hoped that many people will read and enjoy it, and will then persuade their elected officials to turn the suggested plan into reality.Their attitude now is, a#39;Let the government do it.a#39; aquot;I tell you, ita#39;s time to get the government out of our lives and begin to live as independent, self-reliant people once again. Let employers turn their profits over to their employees and stockholders, anbsp;...

Title:One Dear Land
Author:Ellen Hadley
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2004-01-07


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