One Circle

One Circle

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I am an addict. I began writing this as a way to cope with withdrawal symptoms whilst coming off the Methadone program. It follows my progress, or lack thereof, over 2 years. It's more of a bunch of slices of life tied together with psychosis than any kind of narrative. Its not intended as a guide, self help apparatus or instructional manual. It was never intended to be read, but the longer it got the more I imagined a reader. It is in dire need of editing. My hope is that it will inspire laughter in folks like me who recognise the insanity of addiction, that it will serve as a cautionary tale to anyone considering a life of drug use, that it will provide hope for those stuck inside the life and that it will maybe inspire empathy in those who have loved ones who are struggling with drugs and immaturity. I really hope you will look kindly on me after this is all said and done.Ia#39;m really close to the vein now and I wonder if this experiment of a lifestyle Ia#39;ve chosen is really worth the effort. Way WAY out ... My Macbook Pro died and I neglected to get a charger for it. I have one ... Rehab really fucked me up. I think and Ianbsp;...

Title:One Circle
Publisher:Lyctus - 2013-12-21


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