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Few people imagine themselves doing what Gwen and Suzanne are doinga€”raising thirteen children between their two respective families, with seven of their kids arriving by way of adoption. But Gwen and Suzanne didna€™t imagine themselves doing it eithera€”not until they took one simple step of biblical obedience, followed by the next step, which led to the next step, until God turned each of these believing steps into a full, steadily enriching journey of togetherness, challenge, friendship, love, adventure, tears, faith, confidence. All the makings of an impossibly joyful life. And for those who find themselves stuck somewhere between fear and inferiority, between doubt and disillusionment, tired of bare spiritual minimums but unable to spot a path that takes them to anything more meaningful, the simplicity of this message could finally reveal how God can work through their ordinary selves and their uncertain steps of surrender to make His presence overwhelmingly known in their lives. From China to Uganda, east and west throughout the United States, with daily, hourly, moment-by-moment prayer excursions between earth and heaven, these stories and their humble beginnings will inspire you to start again, right where you area€”embracing the one opportunity for obedience, love, or service thata€™s staring you in the face today, and watching God stretch it (and you) into something (and into someone) that you never imagined possible.Everybodya#39;s got those things in their life they just dona#39;t enjoy, right? ... located it among those of her other classmates, a picture and a little essay she had created to describe a€œThe Most Important Day of My Life. ... But the main gist of the whole story was this: a€œThe most important day of my life was the day when I was adopted.

Author:Suzanne Mayernick, Gwen Oatsvall
Publisher:B&H Publishing Group - 2015-01-01


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