On Leaving

On Leaving

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In his essay AceoeCompensation, Ace Emerson makes a surprising claim: AceoeEvery soul is by this intrinsic necessity quitting its whole system of things, its friends, and home, and laws, and faith, as the shell-fish crawls out of its beautiful but stony case, because it no longer admits of its growth, and slowly forms a new house.Ace Branka ArsiA„++ unpacks EmersonAce(tm)s repeated assertion that our reality and our minds are in constant flux. ArsiA„++Ace(tm)s readings of a broad range of EmersonAce(tm)s writingsAceqthe Early Lectures, Journals and Notebooks, and later lecturesAceqare guided by a central question: what does it really mean to maintain that everything fluctuates, is relational, and so changes its identity?Reading Emerson through this lens, ArsiA„++ asks: How is the leaving of oneAce(tm)s own consciousness actually to be performed? What kind of relationship is predicated on the necessity of leaving? What does it mean for our system of values, our ethics and our political allegiances, and even our personal identities to be on the move? The bold new understanding of Emerson that results redefines inherited concepts of the Emersonian individual as all-composed, willful, appropriative, and self-reliant. In its place, ArsiA„++ reveals an Emersonian individual whose ideal being is founded in mutability.... lights are not quite so spheral as our childhood thought them; and the part our organization plays in them is too large. ... Novalis represented in Carlylea#39;s essay on the same (which, in fact, is less an essay than a compilation of long quotesanbsp;...

Title:On Leaving
Author:Branka Arsić
Publisher:Harvard University Press - 2010


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